8 Must Use Relaxation Techniques

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8 Must Use Relaxation Techniques


Relaxation is the true elixir of the modern, stressful life. Nothing rejuvenates us more than a few minutes of sheer relaxation every day. Such leisure moments indeed give us the energy and motivation to achieve our goals. Once we’ve given our mind and body the required relaxation, we feel fresh to face the rigors of life once again.

However, it is also a fact that each one of us finds rejuvenation in different forms. Some might find solace in tranquility. Others might feel more rejuvenated after spending some quality time with friends or family.

Read on as we lay down a list of top 8 relaxation techniques you can follow to achieve that true state of peace.

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    1. Listen to music

    Music has calmed irate souls since times immemorial. Every individual has a different taste in music. Make your playlist of the songs or music that you find especially soothing. Keep your electronic gadgets at hand and just spend a few minutes every day listening to your favorite notes.


      2.  Use visualization techniques

      Counselors, hypnotists and even psychiatrists often use this approach. However, you can also master this technique with a little practice. Close your eyes for a few moments when you are under stress. Now think of some beautiful place you might have visited and try to relive the pleasure you had felt there.


        3.  Read your favorite book

          One of the most time-tested ways, reading offers a dual advantage of distraction and giving you knowledge. Choose your book according to your moods. Read only light fiction if you are under stress so that you end up feeling suitably rejuvenated.


            4.  Talk to a friend

              All human beings have an inherent need to share. Have a very close network of friends you can share your feelings with. Never hesitate in reaching out to a friend. You will be surprised at how relaxed would you feel once you have spoken your heart out.


                5.  Take a nap

                  A short power nap can often give you the required burst of energy you are looking for. This is especially true if lack of sleep is one of the reasons for your anxiety. Moreover, make sure you sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day to give your mind and body the required rest.


                    6.  Do meditation

                      Meditation, along with deep breathing exercises and yoga can help you relax in an effective manner. Choose a quiet corner in the house and mediate for at least 10-15 minutes every day.  Try one of our hypnosis downloads.


                        7.  Spend time with your family

                          Nothing compares to the joy and pleasure of a few fun-filled moments with your family. Make a ritual of having at least one meal a day together. Go out for a short trip with your close friends or family to relieve yourself of the stress.


                            8.  Exercise regularly

                              Contrary to the common belief, physical exercise will actually energize you instead of tiring you. Choose any activity like walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. Make a regular regimen wherein you spend at least 1-2 hours doing physical exercise at least thrice a week. Apart from keeping you physically fit, this will also keep you feeling refreshed and motivated.

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