Hypnosis for sleep – A natural and successful way to beat insomnia

Hypnosis for sleep – A natural and successful way to beat insomnia

Hypnosis for sleep – the natural way to overcome insomnia

Hypnosis for sleep

Hypnosis for sleep is a safe and natural way to overcome insomnia and change your sleep patterns permanently.  Lying awake night after night with your mind racing or falling asleep through exhaustion only to be wide awake an hour later staring at the ceiling above you, is not only physically and mentally exhausting but can also have significant and permanent effect upon your health (You may find this article I wrote previously an interesting read: Sleep: What is The Ideal Amount? Shock Research That Will Change Your Attitude) and ultimately on the longevity of your life.

There are a number of alternative treatment options available to those who suffer from sleep deprivation, all of which have their merits but one of the most popular options being chosen by sufferers is hypnosis for sleep.

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The origins of hypnosis

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds and possibly thousands of years but only became recognised in the Western world in the 18th century.   The actual term ‘hypnosis’ was first used in the 1840’s by James Brai

d who studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh.  Using hypnosis, Braid worked successfully with numerous cases of paralysis, strokes, chronic pain and skin complaints. Braid’s work became recognised by the medical establishment as a valid medical technique and Braid can be credited as the first hypnotherapist.

Modern hypnosis research

During a study carried out at the sleep laboratory at the University of Zurich, Switzerland on a group of 70 female volunteers, it was found that deep sleep could be increased by up to 81% after subjects listened to hypnosis audio tapes.  This worked particularly well in the deeper and most effective stages of sleep.

What is hypnosis?

Deep Sleep Hypnosis CD or MP3 Audio Download

Hypnosis is safe and non- habit forming.  Hypnosis works by by-passing the conscious mind and communicating directly with the subconscious mind.  This is achieved by guiding a person into a deep, trance-like, relaxing state during the course of which ideas or suggestions can be put to them which are compatible with that individual’s goals.  Hypnosis for sleep is particularly successful because the effect of being in such a relaxed state stimulates the brain waves which are normally associated with deep sleep and relaxation.


There is nothing mysterious in hypnosis, it is perfectly natural.  When you find yourself in a dream-like state in the course of your day, then this is a form of hypnosis which can happen frequently and at any time.  Most people could probably hypnotise themselves if they wanted to do so but find it easier to enter the deeper states of relaxation with the help of an experienced hypnotist.  Many people find that listening to audio hypnosis works very well for them.  This is especially true of hypnosis for sleep when a person can listen to an audio track in bed in the comfort of their own home.

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