Hypnosis for sleep for overcoming sleep deprivation

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Hypnosis for sleep for overcoming sleep deprivation

Hypnosis for sleep – overcoming sleep deprivation and sleep disorders  

What causes sleep deprivation and sleep disorder

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation in adults generally means getting less sleep than the average 7 – 8 hours needed by most of us.  We all experience periods of sleep loss from time-to-time and generally our bodies compensate for this adequately, thereby suffering little or no long-term ill-effects.  For instance, undergoing a brief stressful period in our lives such as a home purchase or job change or coping with changes in our personal life such as looking after a new baby are typical examples of causes of sleep deprivation.

These events often make quite a difference to our lives at the time they are occurring, but for many of us our bodies readjust and we are able to continue with our lives pretty well normally once the event has passed.  For some of us, however, our bodies cannot readjust for one reason or another and we then go on to experience the very harmful effects of long-term sleep loss.  However, sleep loss as the on-set of insomnia can also be a significant indicator of underlying problems with our health.  Therefore, any period of sleep loss that becomes prolonged should be discussed with your doctor in order to diagnose or eliminate any possible health issue.

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Sleep Disorder

Although all sleep loss could theoretically be considered as a disorder, some sleep disorders can be categorised as being a condition that is not normal or healthy. This does not necessarily mean that the condition may be serious as in the case of sleep apnoea, where the sufferer has breathing obstruction, but could mean a condition that is inconvenient or annoying as in restless leg syndrome or teeth-grinding.

Although there are approximately 90 identifiable sleep disorders, they can generally be grouped into a few classifications.  These are excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep or unusual movements, behaviours or sensations experienced whilst sleeping.

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What can be done about sleep deprivation?

Once an abnormal sleep condition has been diagnosed, there may be a case for formal clinical intervention where there are further health issues involved.  However, in many cases our sleeplessness is a matter of learned behaviour whereby we have unknowingly conditioned ourselves to abnormal sleep patterns.  Pure medication for sleeplessness is usually not a successful long-term solution unless it is to treat underlying causes.  Of course, if an underlying cause has been diagnosed and treated, very often normal sleep patterns return once the treatment has done its job.


Sometimes, underlying causes cannot be eliminated but can be managed or relieved.  In other instances there may be no apparent discernible cause for sleeplessness, in which case treatment to relieve the symptoms can be very effective.


What type of treatment is available?

o        Obviously your doctor may prescribe medication, normally as a short term treatment to assist you over a difficult period. Treatment may also be needed to help with any underlying health issues.

o        You may be able to self-medicate with the help of over the counter medicines.  It is always best to discuss these with the pharmacist, especially if you are taking medication for other health issues.

o        Basic self-help is a good start. Very often making fairly minor changes to your bedtime routines can be surprisingly effective and can help you change bad habits for good ones. Getting yourself into a routine that gives you the chance to wind down and relax before bedtime can be very effective.  My article, ‘Sleep, what you need to know’ is very helpful in steering you in the right direction.

o        Cognitive Behavioural Treatments may help some people especially in cases that may have an emotional link.  This would normally be referred by your doctor as part of on-going treatment

o        Hypnosis for sleep as a natural solution has proved to be very effective natural solution for many sufferers.  This is because hypnosis is known to be highly successful in bringing about behavioural change.  Hypnosis can be used in support of other treatments or as a primary form of treatment in itself.


Note: If you are receiving clinical treatment from a doctor you should always seek advice before engaging in additional or alternative treatments.

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