Overcoming Shyness – with a little help from guided self hypnosis

Overcoming Shyness – with a little help from guided self hypnosis

Overcoming Shyness

Understanding Shyness

Overcoming shyness can seem almost impossible if you don’t understand the nature of shyness. Shyness is a manifestation of being self-conscious, insecure and awkward in social situations, constantly worrying about humiliating yourself, yet underneath all of that emotional turmoil, you want nothing more than to connect with others. Shyness is often a symptom of social anxiety and as you overcome shyness you will find that you can also overcome social anxiety. Suffering from social anxiety and shyness can result in becoming almost paralyzed by the fear of meeting new people, being in social situations, giving speeches, and even going on job interviews. Eventually you begin living in your own internal prison.

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Why Overcoming Shyness Is So Difficult?

There are many articles and blogs on the web giving a lot of advice on how to overcome shyness and social anxiety although it is good advice, it’s almost impossible to follow.

Many of articles suggest taking the very actions that create the greatest fear for shy individuals. Perhaps you have already tried to force yourself to be more comfortable in public, pushing yourself to carry on conversations, or to approach strangers to strike up a conversation only to find yourself drenched in sweat, your mouth feeling as though it’s filled with cotton balls, and finally feeling like a failure. You are not a failure. The process sets you up for failure because overcoming shyness takes much more than just having the willpower to take different actions in the face of fear.

Overcoming shyness requires that you understand that shyness and social anxiety stem from fears stored in the subconscious mind. Many times, individuals that are very shy or suffer from social anxiety have had past experiences, often from childhood, but not always, of feeling humiliated or embarrassed in public. The embarrassment may have been extremely traumatic and obvious, for instance, perhaps you made a mistake on a math problem in front of the entire class and everyone laughed at you, deeply embarrassing you. Or you may have experienced a less obvious event that is as simple as being ignored by an authority figure, such as your mum, dad, or grandparent when you were trying to share something important to you. Both of these events can be equally traumatizing creating the insecurities that lead to shyness and social anxiety.

Humiliation and embarrassment are very traumatic, thereby etching the event into your subconscious mind. You subconscious mind’s duty is to protect you. Therefore, from the moment of the occurrence of the embarrassing or humiliating event, you will feel compelled to avoid any and all situations in which embarrassment or humiliation can occur. Because the subconscious mind is powerful and fully committed to protecting you from further embarrassment and humiliation, even though you consciously want to connect with other people, it will do everything it can to prevent you from breaking out of your shell.


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Overcoming Shyness With Ease

When the traumatic event took place, your subconscious mind was then programmed with the belief that “I am not safe to speak up in front of people”. The most expedient way to overcome that belief is to reprogram your subconscious mind. Your subconscious must be convinced that you are now safe to speak up in public.

Hypnosis provides a direct line into your subconscious making it easy to change how you feel about yourself and how you feel about talking to others. With our hypnosis downloads you will find that overcoming shyness is easier than you have ever imagined.

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