Overcoming Social Phobia

Overcoming Social Phobia

Overcoming Social Phobia

What is Social Phobia?

The first step to overcoming social phobia, is understanding what it is. Having irrational fears around talking to strangers, making new acquaintances, embarrassing or humiliating yourself in front of others are all symptoms of social phobia, also known as social anxiety. Social phobia symptoms can even manifest physically as profuse sweating, cold and clammy hands, trembling, a shaky voice, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle tension, confusion and stumbling over your words.

Everybody has some fear of job interviews, public speaking and meeting new people, but when you begin to avoid these everyday situations and it begins to negatively affect the quality of your life, it has become social phobia. If your social phobia goes untreated it can lead to an increased inability to be assertive, negative self-talk, increased sensitivity to criticism, poor social skills, poor work record, poor academic record, isolation, addictions, depression, and even suicide. Humans naturally thrive with human connection; we are indeed, not an island.


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The Source of Social Phobia

If you suffer from social phobia, you may have noticed that you are extremely self-conscious. By this, I mean that you are conscious only of yourself. Your thoughts are focused primarily on how others see you, how you feel, and you worry about how you are being judged. Your thoughts are not about how others may be feeling or what their experience is or if they are feeling judged or insecure. This self-absorption is actually the result of the fear created by a negative experience of being humiliated or embarrassed publicly.

You may have made a blunder in front of many people and were laughed at or you may have simply felt ignored or insignificant after sharing something very personal or important to you. These experiences can have a negative affect on you whether they occurred in childhood or adulthood.

The trauma of public humiliation or embarrassment becomes locked into your subconscious mind and because your subconscious’s main objective is to protect you, it creates the negative symptoms of social phobia in order to prevent you from experiencing any other public humiliation.

Although, when you research social phobia, you will find a lot of very helpful coping techniques help you deal with social anxiety, fully overcoming social phobia requires you to access your subconscious mind and reverse the negative programming that creates your suffering.

Upon reversing the negative programming within the subconscious mind you will find that you are more able to pull your focus from yourself and begin focusing on the other people around you, enabling you to be proactive at helping them to feel more at ease. When you Overcome social anxiety you will not only free you from your self-imposed prison, you will also become more likeable and attractive to others.

Overcome Social Anxiety Hypnosis CD or MP3 Download


Overcoming Social Phobia as you Relax

Hypnosis is known for its impressive results of eradicating phobias. It is the easiest and fastest way to reprogram your subconscious mind. It’s even easier with our hypnosis downloads. You will simply relax and in as little as a month you will begin noticing how much more at ease you are at initiating conversations with strangers, meeting new people, interviews, and even public speaking. You can quickly overcome social anxiety.


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