Panic Attack Treatment

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Panic Attack Treatment


A panic attack can be a very incapacitating and unnerving experience for an individual. It can impair your very ability to function as a normal individual and can even harm you in certain ways.

What is a Panic Attack?

Experts define a panic attack as a short duration episode of extreme anxiety and an intense surge of panic. It is usually accompanied by certain typical physical symptoms like:

  • Sweat and perspiration
  • Fluttery speech
  • Lack of focus
  • Increased heart beat and palpitations
  • Shaking hands and tremors

Stop Panic Attacks Hypnosis Download / CD


    Treatment of panic attacks is usually done with a multimodal approach. This implies that the experts employ a combination of methods to address the problem at hand. The aims of such an approach include:

    • To evaluate the cause of attacks
    • To evaluate the frequency
    • To understand the triggering factors
    • To enumerate helpful relaxation tools
    • To provide effective counseling and therapy

    The following section particularly deals with the latest developments in technology and science. It also tells us how it has drastically changed the way panic attacks can be treated.



    In the last few years, technology has progressed rapidly. Advances made in the field of web and audio-visual technology have brought unforeseen solutions to complicated issues and problems. Likewise, mental wellness and psychological relaxation are two such fields, which have benefitted enormously from the advent of technology.

    Gone are the days when one had to step out of his home to seek treatment for panic attacks and anxiety. Apart from inconvenience of going out, the patient also had to bear the awkwardness of talking to a stranger about his personal issues. The scenario has changed and now, help is available in easy-to-use formats.

    The CDs and Downloads

    You can now log onto the web and have access to high quality CDs and MP3s. These applications are designed to be used and played by the patients for the purpose of treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

    The Content

    Each of such CDs and MP3s contain content based on authentic scripts for hypnosis and relaxation. The script begins by talking to the patient in a calming and soothing tone. The speaker is an individual who is trained to deliver such hypnosis scripts in the audio format. He speaks out from a script that has been prepared beforehand, in order to achieve one or more of the below purposes:

    • To calm the patient
    • To create visualizations and mental distractions
    • To hypnotize and or lead into a trace

    Stop Panic Attacks Hypnosis Download / CD

    The Objective

    The key objective of such scripts, CDs and MP3 hypnosis downloads is to offer a practical form of treatment to recurring panic attacks. You are just required to sit in an isolated corner, close your eyes and listen to the scripts peacefully. Experts suggest the following two tips in order to get the best results:

    • Choose the same time of the day everyday
    • Wear earphones to block out any unwanted noises from your surroundings

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