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Yes! You can stop those anxiety attacks The clinched fists and sweaty palms; a throbbing headache and a jittery self; the symptoms are all too common. Anxiety has become an integral part of the modern life. Competitive ambitions, escalated egos and lifestyle issues, all add to the heightened anxiety levels the world is facing today. What is an Anxiety Attack? Experts define anxiety attack as a short episode of an acute flare-up of anxiety, usually lasting for 8-10 minutes. It can happen at any time during the day and will usually have one or more of the below symptoms: Increased...

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anxiety, hypnosis, hypnosis download, panic attacks -

PANIC ATTACKS – TREAT THEM THE RIGHT WAY A panic attack can be a very incapacitating and unnerving experience for an individual. It can impair your very ability to function as a normal individual and can even harm you in certain ways. What is a Panic Attack? Experts define a panic attack as a short duration episode of extreme anxiety and an intense surge of panic. It is usually accompanied by certain typical physical symptoms like: Sweat and perspiration Fluttery speech Lack of focus Increased heart beat and palpitations Shaking hands and tremors TREATMENT OF PANIC ATTACKS – THE MODERN...

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