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Fear Of Flying - Audio Sample
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If you can relate to the following statements then our hypnosis MP3 download will help you enjoy a well-deserved break away.

I want to stop fearing flying
I want to enjoy travelling without worrying
I want to accept that flying is safe

Are You Avoiding Going On Holiday Because Of Your Fear Of Flying?

Do you find yourself surrounded by family members or friends who are excited to be chasing the sun but deep down you are dreading every moment of the journey? Do you then find that the fear overwhelms parts of your holiday because you still have to fly home? Worrying or feeling panicked about flying is a common fear that many people face every year.

Then are many other factors that people worry about when flying. You may be able also feel an association with these statements:

  • I worry about how the plane stays in the air and how is it physically possible
  • I suddenly feel panicked when a member of the crew closes the door and I start to feel horrendously claustrophobic
  • I worry about turbulence and that the plane might simply fall out of the sky or break up into a thousand pieces
  • I fear that I am too far away from home
  • I worry about terrorist attacks
  • I worry that the engines will fail
  • I worry that the doors will come open

When you get in an aeroplane, do your muscles tense up, your heart start to pound, you have difficulty breathing and you are gripped by an irrational fear that you are going to die?

Fear of flying, also known as aerophobia, can sometimes be triggered by an unfortunate flying experience such as bad turbulence caused by weather conditions or something as general as claustrophobia. Often it starts without any warning or obvious reason and once it does, it is hard to overcome, possibly affecting many aspects of your life, such as, family events, holidays and even your work.

How Can We Help?

You are not alone feeling like this. As many as 40% of airline passengers feel these fears in some degree or another. Whether it is fear of enclosed spaces, fear of heights, fear of being over the water or fear of the plane crashing, our MP3 hypnosis download can help you overcome these worries and phobias quickly and easily.


1. Introduction To Hypnosis - 2:46

2. Why You Are Listening - 3:09

3. Fear of Flying (Hypnosis Track) - 40.51


This self-help MP3 download is not intended to replace medical treatment and should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional help. If you suffer from epilepsy or mental illness, consult a doctor before use

Do not listen to this programme while driving or operating machinery

The listener takes full responsibility for injury, risk and damage resulting from use.