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Natural Weight Loss - Audio Sample

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Before going further, see if you identify with the following statements:

  • I want to lose weight simply and stay slim

  • I want to feel fitter and healthier

  • I want to have a good, natural relationship with food


Weight Loss And Hypnotherapy

This Natural Weight Loss Programme uses the medium of gentle Hypnotherapy to give you the opportunity to experience life transforming changes, lose weight and become the person you dream of being.

If the answer is yes, then with the help of this hypnosis MP3 download, allow yourself to be taken on a peaceful and relaxing journey to your inner consciousness, where you can re-programme your thought processes and change your eating habits.

Effective weightloss can be achieved easily once your mind has freed itself from learned patterns of behaviour. Poor eating habits which have developed over time can be successfully altered by listening to this hypnosis programme for as little as 28 days.

Maybe your weakness is sugary food? Maybe your weakness is greasy or fatty food? Maybe you eat to bring yourself comfort? Maybe you eat because you are bored? Whatever the reason, this self help programme will assist you to overcome it, by reinforcing your willpower and determination to successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So, How Can We Help?

In this effective weight loss system, you will also be guided though a visualisation process, enabling you to see yourself as the person you want to be.

Receive the gift of inner strength and learn to harness the power of your unconscious mind to achieve successful weight reduction. Free yourself into a bright new world of improved health, transformed self-confidence and positive change.


1. Introduction To Hypnosis - 2:46

2. Why You Are Listening - 3:37

3. Natural Weight Loss (Hypnosis Track) - 39:00



This self-help MP3 download is not intended to replace medical treatment and should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional help. If you suffer from epilepsy or mental illness, consult a doctor before use.

Do not listen to this programme while driving or operating machinery.

The listener takes full responsibility for injury, risk and damage resulting from use.

This is a self help programme that is designed to assist you in acheiving your desired goals. Whilst successful outcomes are often achieved, we do not guarantee results.