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When we relax our bodies, our minds benefit in many ways. Our heart rate slows and our blood pressure reduces, our breathing slows down and this in turn reduces our need for oxygen. We get increased flow of blood to our muscles and our muscle tension decreases. When we relax our stress hormones lower, our state of mind improves and our levels of anxiety decrease.

However, in our busy and increasingly stressful lives, when do we get the chance to relax? Strangely enough, even in these manic conditions, we can still find time to relax if we apply our minds to it. For instance people commuting to work by bus or train often spend the time worrying about their working day, reading negative and disturbing news in newspapers or stimulating their brains playing games on their smartphones. They could, however, use this time relaxing in preparation for a strenuous day or winding down before an evening at home. Of course, not all conditions on all commuter transport, permit us the environment in which to relax but this is just one example and anyway, how many people’s grandmothers used to say to them “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”!

Whether you are at work or at home, learning to relax will help your day by improving your problem-solving abilities, increasing your concentration, steadying your nerves and emotions, enabling you to be more tolerant and increase your efficiency. It will also boost your immunity, reduce aches and pains and once your day is over, enable you to achieve better and more effective sleep. Transform and improve the quality of your life with our mini MP3 hypnosis download for instant relaxation, anywhere……..even trains!!!