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Read the following statements and see how many you can relate to:
I want to feel motivated to exercise
I want to find exercise fun
I want to look and feel fit and healthy

Exercise Motivation Can Be Easily Achieved
Sports psychologists, team coaches, fitness trainers, P.E. teachers, sports persons and athletes all agree that motivation is 80% of the success equation to fitness and good health.

Unfortunately we are not all enthusiastic sports persons and athletes, most of us are struggling alone to achieve our desired weight or fitness level. You know you want to feel fitter and look better, you know that healthy exercise is good for you, you know the benefit of exercise but it’s easier to convince yourself there are good reasons for not starting an exercise regime, than to get off the sofa and do something about it.

How Can We Help?
If you relate to the above statements then you are probably suffering from a lack of exercise motivation. Let’s face it we all know that exercise is good for us, most of us know how to exercise and quite a few of us have got drawers and shelves stuffed with exercise DVD’s and CD’s. If only exercise was as easy as watching a DVD or listening to a hypnosis MP3 download we would all be super fit. Whether you are seeking fitness motivation, gym motivation or motivation to lose weight our ‘Exercise Motivation’ Hypnosis MP3 download/CD can help you achieve your desired goals in as little as 28 days.


1. Introduction To Hypnosis – 2:46

2. Why You Are Listening – 3:22

3. Exercise Motivation (Hypnosis Track) – 38:47


This self-help MP3 download is not intended to replace medical treatment and should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional help. If you suffer from epilepsy or mental illness, consult a doctor before use

Do not listen to this programme while driving or operating machinery

The listener takes full responsibility for injury, risk and damage resulting from use.