About us

Hypnotic Transformations provides you with the opportunity to benefit from professional therapy with our hypnosis downloads at a time and place of your own choosing, whether this is in your home or some other suitable and comfortable location. You have access to this therapy, whenever you want it and as many times as you feel you need it.

Your therapist is Peter Deare, a former police officer, college tutor and foster-carer who was introduced to and benefited from hypnotherapy after suffering from chronic anxiety. Peter is a qualified hypnotherapist and also a practitioner in TFT (Thought-Field-Therapy). Peter’s early training in the field of hypnotherapy was with Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler (NLP). He subsequently trained with other recognised specialists in both clinical and therapeutic hypnosis and Callaghan techniques (TFT).

Peter was a police officer for 28 years but had to leave the police service due to suffering from anxiety following post-traumatic stress. Peter’s anxiety levels became so severe that for almost a year he didn’t leave the house. In addition to this Peter started suffering from panic attacks and although he had received one to one counselling, found himself unable to break from the spiral of anxiety and depression. Peter was finally cured by using self-hypnosis techniques in the security of his own home. He is quite honest in saying that initially he extremely sceptical that these techniques would help him. However, to his total amazement he discovered that his life began to change dramatically.

Although his anxiety had caused him to be retired early from the police, following his recovery he was then able to continue working for another 13 years as a police trainer and also a college tutor. It was during this time that he decided to train as a hypnotherapist in order to help others, in the same way that he had been helped to regain his own life.