CalmingBreath Meditation Cushion for Stool / Bench - Cotton - Fiber Filled

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Brand: CalmingBreath

Color: Tibetan Maroon


  • Ideal for those who need just a little more padding or height
  • Great for sitting for longer periods and retreats
  • Bodyweight keeps cushion in place, straps secure it when traveling
  • Made from cotton and fibre.
  • Manufactured right here in the UK

Details: If you need a little extra height, or just a little extra comfort then a CalmingBreath meditation stool cushions is just the thing.

Your bodyweight keeps the cushion in place, though they do have straps to keep stool and cushion together when transporting. They are approximately 3cm thick but will compress to around 1cm when sat upon. They're made from cotton and fibre right here in the UK.

If you're planning on sitting a long retreat they're a great buy.