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Overcome General Anxiety - Audio Sample

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If you can answer 'yes' to the following questions, then our hypnosis  download will help you overcome your anxiety.

I want to stop constantly feeling anxious and worried
I want to stop avoiding people and situations
I want to stop feeling exhausted and restless

What Is General Anxiety?

We are all born with only two fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling, everything else we fear is learned behaviour. Sufferers of anxiety often experience excessive and exaggerated concerns about everyday life events with no obvious reason. They are frequently unable to stop worrying about health, money, family, work or school. These concerns are often unrealistic or out of proportion to the circumstances they are faced with. If you can identify with three or more of the statements below, then it is likely that you may be suffering from a generalised anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to events that are happening around us. We can be anxious for ourselves or sometimes we can be anxious for others. Anxiety is a reaction to the body’s natural fight or flight mechanism. This fight or flight response is our body’s automatic in-born response to either fighting or running away.  Under normal circumstances both the fear and anxiety generated by these responses can actually be helpful to us, for instance, protecting us from dangerous situations. However, if these feelings become too intense or go on for too long they can start to interfere with our lives, stopping us from doing the things we want to do, making our lives miserable and frequently making us unwell.

Feeling anxious about specific events can be quite normal but when you feel anxious for no real reason a lot of the time, or your anxiety is exaggerated, then this is known as general anxiety or generalised anxiety disorder.

How Can We Help?

Many people ask how to stop anxiety and the answer can be as simple as breaking your cycle of learned behaviour, as it is this habitual behaviour that is, more than likely, causing your unwanted feelings. Our hypnosis MP3 download will teach you how to relax and break this negative cycle in as little as 28 days.

Introduction To Hypnosis - 2:46
Why You Are Listening - 3:43
Overcome General Anxiety (Hypnosis Track) - 38.46

This self-help MP3 download is not intended to replace medical treatment and should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional help. If you suffer from epilepsy or mental illness, consult a doctor before use