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Overcome Social Anxiety - Audio Sample

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We can help if you answered 'yes' to any of these questions:
I want to overcome my fear of meeting people
I want to stop worrying what others think of me
I want to feel confident in social situations

What Is Social Anxiety?
Social anxiety is more than just shyness. Everyone at some time or another has worried about social situations but if you can relate to the following statements then you may be suffering from social anxiety, also known as social phobia.

Research indicates that at least 5% of the population suffers from social anxiety so you are certainly not alone. Most people suffer from an element of shyness at one level or another and that is natural. If we didn’t worry what others thought about us or care about how we interact with others, then we would not be capable of functioning as part of society around us. However, it is the severity and intensity of these feelings that causes social anxiety within us. This anxiety prevents us functioning in every day settings and the fear of being judged by others prevents us from taking the opportunities that life offers to us. Social phobia affects us at any age but can start in our early life and affect our social and academic development.

On reaching adolescence many young people, if they have not had it previously, may develop social anxiety in these years, but for at least half of them they will have felt this way since childhood and feel it is natural for them. As an adult, social phobia again prevents us from seizing life’s opportunities in meeting people, developing relationships, building careers and having families. Sometimes the fear of speaking to others may even prevent us from seeking help from our doctors or other specialists.

How Can We Help?
Overcoming social anxiety using our hypnosis MP3 download is straight forward and can be achieved quickly and easily. Learn to understand the pattern of problems you are facing and realise that you can have pleasure in speaking and interacting with other people.

Understand that what others think of you is only their perception; it cannot hurt you unless you choose to allow it to do so. Get help with social anxiety, find yourself capable of speaking confidently and eloquently and enjoy meeting and speaking to others as an equal.


1. Introduction To Hypnosis - 2.46

2. Why You Are Listening - 3.37

3. Overcome Social Anxiety (Hypnosis Track) - 35.22


This self-help MP3 download is not intended to replace medical treatment and should not be used as an alternative to seeking professional help. If you suffer from epilepsy or mental illness, consult a doctor before use

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